Yacht Charter in Bodrum

After breakfast in the morning to swim in turquoise blue waters, a short stroll after anchor to Tuzla Bay. Morning swimmers will now become part of your daily regime. For lunch we sail to Longoz Bay, a paradise surrounded by pine forests. After lunch you can take a short walk through the forest and relax in Ali Baba’s cafeteria. The English Harbor for dinner and overnight yacht charter Bodrum. The British harbor is known by this name because of their anchorage of the British war ships during World War II. There are many small coves suitable for the anchoring of the yachts in the region and are very sheltered.

Yacht Charter Bodrum

Sedir (Kedrae) island. You will not find anywhere else in the same place with a tiny beach and an extraordinarily clear water, this island is almost an open air museum. You can see the city walls, the temple (later converted into a church), the ancient theater with 1,500 people and domed buildings. You can walk between broken columns scattered around, stones painted over, embossed, and rosewood decorated stones. yacht Charter Bodrum

Kleopatra Beach, there is a very special sand that is only found in the deserts of North Africa, and it is forbidden to take a handful of this sand. According to Riva, Marcus Antonius specially transported this sand to Cleopatra beach from Egypt. yacht charter in Bodrum

We are moving to Karaca Sogut Village for dinner and overnight. This lovely village is only 25 km to Marmaris. It is possible to reach Marmaris by minibuses from here. Our guests can participate in the optional Marmaris or Dalyan Caunos cruises yacht Charter Bodrum..

Kargılı Bay early in the morning. Breakfast will be served on the road. After lunch, we go to Kisebuku bay (Alakısla for the swimming. Byzantine ruins on the beach can be visited. Dinner and overnight stay will be held in Kisebuku. yacht charter Bodrum

Papuc point after breakfast. we anchor in the German cove after lunch. The Aquarium is our last stop for dinner and overnight. To join the night life or to visit Bodrum We can log in Bodrum harbor for the last night as per your desire.